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“Unknown Chaplin” Documentary

In 1983, the BBC released a documentary called “Unknown Chaplin” detailing the professional life of Charlie Chaplin. It was narrated by James Mason and contained footage never seen before, as Chaplin was famously known to burn his outtakes and unreleased films. Broken up into three 1 hour episodes, each episode dives into the early, middle and late periods of his career. After the death of Chaplin in 1977, his widow Oona O’Neill granted the film historians Kevin Brownlow and David Gill direct access to Chaplin’s private film archives, archives that were never known to have existed before then.

If you are a Chaplin fan, this is a must see, as it gives a peek into the mind of a great artist as Chaplin certainly was.

The video above is the first episode in the series, “My Happiest Years“. The other two episodes can be purchased on Amazon, although Spanish-dubbed versions are available on YouTube.

Published on January 21, 2014