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World War II Widow Searches For Answers To Her Husband’s Death

Sometimes government services can’t do anything right, no matter how easy it might be to get answers for its constituents.

Berlin’s Historic Tempelhof Airport Is Now A Giant Intercity Park

Tempelhof Airport in Berlin has had a very storied career. Originally designed by Albert Speer and intended to be part of a new master architectural design for the city of Berlin under the Third Reich, construction on the airport stopped once World War II began and plans for the airport changed drastically once the war ended. Built between 1936 and 1941, and resembling an eagle in flight, the airport fell under American jurisdiction after the war ended. Quickly becoming one of the busiest airports in Europe, it also served as the main dropping off point for the Berlin Airlift when the Soviet Union blocked all land access to Berlin.

The airport ceased flight operations in 2008 and reopened again in 2010 as a mixed-use free public space for people to relax in, hold concerts, festivals and more. The airport is one of the largest free intercity spaces int he world with 909 acres of space. My guess is that if this airport were in the United States, it would instead be transformed into land for more condos, strip malls and movie theaters. Glad to see that Berlin is doing something sensible with this valuable and historic land.

Daffy Duck Beats Up Hitler In ‘The Commando’

In 1943, The Commando was released by Looney Tunes and directed by Friz Freleng. The cartoon was taken out of distribution after the end of World War II and was not seen again until decades later. In addition to the end scene of Daffy beating up Hitler, there are caricatures of Hirohito and Mussolini.

Unedited Footage Of The Bombing Of Nagasaki

On August 6 and 9, 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here is unedited film footage of American troops preparing the bomb that would be dropped on Nagasaki on August 9 as well as the explosion after dropping it on the city. Read more

Nazi Holocaust Documentary Made By Alfred Hitchcock

This documentary made by Alfred Hitchcock immediately after the end of World War II is probably the most intense documentary you will ever see on the subject. Much of it is made up of footage by the British Army Film Unit at the Nazi concentration camps of Dachau and Mauthausen. WARNING: much of the footage in this film is extremely graphic and absolutely not suitable for children. Watch it only if you feel capable of handling such material. That being said, the documentary is of immense historical value and something worth seeing.

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