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Watch The Original ‘Cosmos’ Series

In 1980, PBS aired the 13-part science documentary ‘Cosmos‘ with the series based on the excellent book of the same title by the show’s host Carl Sagan. If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to watch the original Cosmos series in its entirety. A lot has changed since 1980 in both technology and scientific discovery and the Cosmos reboot will be interesting indeed.

The James Webb Space Telescope

Since being placed into orbit by Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-31 in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has been the preeminant observatory in the world of astronomy and certainly unlike any telescope before it. Thanks to Hubble, photographs never previously thought possible have become routine and allowing us to see as far back in time than ever before.

However, after 24 years of service in earth orbit, Hubble is beginning to break down and will soon no longer be operational. In anticipation of this, NASA has been preparing the James Webb Telescope, Hubble’s successor. Webb will take astronomy even further than Hubble has taken us and  the photos it takes and the depth of space it will be able to see will be truly mind blowing.

Of course, with the Space Shuttle no longer in service and Webb’s location in space far beyond the reach of what a Space Shuttle could achieve, there is no room for mistakes this time around with Webb, unlike with Hubble when its lenses needed correcting soon after launch into orbit.

The current launch date for Webb is October, 2018.

GoPro Camera’s View Of Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Sky Jump

When Felix Baumgartner made his record breaking sky jump over New Mexico on October 14, 2012, he had a pair of GoPro cameras strapped to his jump suit. What it recorded was an absolutely stunning view of both the earth and the jump itself.

The BBC, National Geographic and Red Bull have released a documentary film about Baumgartner’s accomplishment.

New ‘Cosmos’ Series Trailer

In the early 1980s, I grew up on the PBS series Cosmos that was hosted by Carl Sagan. Even though the series only had 13 episodes, they were ones I watched over and over again and greatly helped light my general interest in science and technology. The show is being revived with the help of Sagan’s wife Ann Druyan and this time hosted by the astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson. The show will be appearing on the Fox network, which apparently was with the help of Seth MacFarlane, which really kind of bends my mind. Why the series didn’t appear on Fox again, who knows, but it’s great to see the series back again and it looks pretty good based on the trailer above. Let’s just hope the network doesn’t cancel it after just two episodes.