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Posts tagged ‘San Francisco’

Remember The Great Pie Fight Of 1969

Deep in the bowels of the Internet Archive is this film about a pie fight ambush of the San Francisco Film Festival in 1969. The fight was to promote a fledgling film company as well as protest Hollywood’s grip on the movie distribution system, which they rightly felt stifled innovation and creativity. It’s interesting to see PDQ Bach involved here before he became famous.

‘Adrift’ Time-Lapse Movie Of San Francisco

Photography Simon Christen created a film called ‘Adrift’ which is a time-lapse films of the rolling fog of San Francisco. Really very beautifully done.

The San Francisco Bay Bridge And 25,000 LEDs

Artist Leo Villareal has created the Bay Lights project which places 25,000 LEDs over the west span of the bridge and displays a series of animations throughout the night time hours. The project is slated to last two years, but I’m really hoping that it lasts much longer than that. It’s really a beautiful thing to behold.

An Amateur Color Film Of San Francisco From 1955

Here is a cinemascope movie made by amateur filmmaker and inventor Tullio Pellegrini. It shows San Francisco from the year 1955, many locations and businesses no longer in existence.