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Boris Yeltsin, Boozer Of The International Stage

Before there was Vladimir Putin, there was his polar opposite, Boris Yeltsin. While Putin seems the epitome of cool, collected, yet inwardly psychotic and conspiratorial, Yeltsin was the ultimate boozer of the international stage. He could down a liter of beer like Blutarsky could down a bottle of Jack Daniels.

While this is can be seen as funny, it also calls to mind possible nuclear disaster in the event he’s had one too many vodkas to think clearly and rationally.

Russian Color Photographs From Over 100 Years Ago

The Library of Congress (LOC) contains a wonderful collection of old color photographs from over 100 years ago of various aspects of life in Russia. Regarding the photo above, LOC describes it as:

The Emir of Bukhara, Alim Khan (1880-1944), poses solemnly for his portrait, taken in 1911 shortly after his accession. As ruler of an autonomous city-state in Islamic Central Asia, the Emir presided over the internal affairs of his emirate as absolute monarch, although since the mid-1800s Bukhara had been a vassal state of the Russian Empire. With the establishment of Soviet power in Bukhara in 1920, the Emir fled to Afghanistan where he died in 1944.

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