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Posts tagged ‘robots’

Two Chatbots Arguing With Each Other

This is really great and real, apparently. The Cornell Creative Machines Lab put two chatboxes (computer programs designed to simulate real conversations between people and computer) together and waited to see what happens. After some polite greetings between the two, things turned either argumentative or philosophical, take your pick. A brilliant idea.

The Ping Pong Robot UHTTR-1

This is pretty impressive. Now if they can just make him do backspin, they’ve really got something there. Apparently the robot is only currently programmed to play in ‘passive mode’. I’m afraid to know what ‘aggressive mode’ is like.

More here on ping pong playing robots.

The New Rules of Robot/Human Society

Building robots is a lot more complicated than just putting the pieces together. What form of ethics and morals should be associated with allowing robots to fill more and more needs in our lives?