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Everything Wrong With Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

This last of the Indiana Jones movies was pretty horrible, but it was more horrible than I realized after watching this perfect run down of its horribleness.

Life After Pi

In 2013, special effects company Rhythm & Hues Studios went bankrupt 11 days before winning the Academy Award in visual effects for the movie “Life of Pi“. It seems bankruptcy is a common occurrence for many special effects studios due to extremely high competition, tax subsidies offered by other countries than the United States and more. This is their story.

Learn more at Hollywood Ending.

The Making Of ‘The Shining’

During the filming of Stanley Kubrick‘s “The Shining” in 1980, the director allowed his 17-year old daughter Vivian to film a documentary called Making The Shining. Seeing Jack Nicholson preparing for some of the movie’s more intense seems, Kubrick’s treatment of Shelley Duval and more certainly makes this movie worth the watch. Here is part one of the documentary, which is included with most editions of The Shining.

The Roving Typist Of New York City

C.D. Hermelin is a writer in New York City who may be the first ‘street story writer’. Here is a short movie about his trade.

More at The Roving Typist website.

Star Wars As A Silent Movie

George Lucas came pretty close to ruining the original Star Wars trilogy with the story rewriting, added special effects and whatever else. I always felt that the more special effects he added, the less ‘human’ the film became. Well here is a version of Star Wars without much of the special effects. Better?