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Posts tagged ‘Monty Python’

Rare Live Monty Python Cheese Shop Sketch

I am not sure when and where this was filmed, but it must be from some of Monty Python’s early comedy tours during and after Python’s run on the BBC. Although John Cleese looks to be exactly at his Basil Fawlty age, which would be circa 1975.

Filming Locations For Monty Python 30 Years Later

Monty Python alum Michael Palin visits the original locations of famous Python sketches 30-years later. Some of the people now living in these locations don’t seem familiar with Python much at all while others are seem to know every detail.

John Cleese On Creativity

How to be creative can always be an elusive topic as each artist has their own way of reaching their muse. But this speech given by John Cleese is one of the best clear cut explanations on creativity that I can remember hearing. Definitely worth listening to for the 30 minutes.