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The Making Of Jurassic Park

Interesting film on the making of Jurassic Park and the special effects required to make the dinosaurs look as real as possible. Interesting to know that the movie almost made the dinosaurs stop-motion until a couple of dedicated special effects engineers pulled a few all-nighters.

The Spielberg Oner – One Scene, One Shot

I suppose the sign of a great movie director is when the technique they use to tell a story is so well hidden that you never have to think about it. Think what you will of Steven Spielberg, as he’s had his share of great and crappy films, but he sure knows how to shoot a flick.

Marlon Brando’s Screen Test For ‘Rebel Without A Cause’

Eight years before the movie ‘Rebel Without A Cause‘ was released in 1955, a movie that helped launch the career of James Dean, Marlon Brando was filmed for a screen test for the movie. Brando of course didn’t get the part, nor was the movie made at that time, but it is an interesting look at the very early stages of the legendary actor’s career.

It’s interesting that in later years, many people compared James Dean with Marlon Brando in how he carried himself and how he acted, something Brando discussed with Truman Capote in his famous and fascinating profile on the actor in the Septemeber 9, 1957 edition of The New Yorker magazine.

Evolution Of Film

This is a nicely done fan-film on the history and evolution of motion pictures, all with great editing, music and memorable quotes. If the goal was to show clips of films that had major impacts on the history of cinema, I find it perplexing that Star Was was completely left out. Star Wars, regardless of what one thinks of it, had a seismic effect on the motion picture industry in 1977 and filmmaking was never the same again. But whatever. Still fun to watch.

The History Of The Movie Trailer

What surprises me is the fact that movie trailers have been around since at least 1919, as I would think trailers would enter the advertising fray when talkies came into being. Wouldn’t a silent movie trailer be a little unusual? Perhaps 100 years of hindsight creates that feeling.