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Posts tagged ‘gopro’

Inside A Running Dishwasher

For the millions out there who have always wanted to know what it looks like inside a running dish washer, we finally have our answer. And now if someone would just place a GoPro camera inside a fridge so we have definitive proof that the light actually does indeed turn off when closing the fridge door.

Driving Through The Streets Of Pyongyang, North Korea

I think one of the last places in the world I would want to visit is North Korea, considering the government’s tendency to kidnap and imprison visitors when it suits their twisted needs. This GoPro video of a street tour of Pyongyang is enough for me to know what the capital city is like.

Flying With The Thunderbirds And Lots And Lots Of G-Forces

Training to be an Air Force pilot must be grueling in order to take the type of G-forces seen in this video on a regular basis. Blair Bungting goes up with a US Air Force Thunderbird and gets a good taste of what the experience is like. And thankfully he brought a GoPro camera with him. Should I be nervous that the window above him looks slightly cracked?

Snow Boarding High Up In The Swiss Alps

This seems pretty crazy, not to mention expensive.

Spherical Panorama Time Lapse

What do you get when you combine a GoPro camera and a 3D printed mount? A world looking a lot likeĀ The Little Prince.