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Using An iPhone

I never would have imagined 20 years ago owning a smartphone device as they are today. At that time it would have been something out of Star Trek. Not just making phone calls wherever you want, but all the additional tools apps make possible on an iPhone or Android, whether it’s playing music, games, using as a visual translator and so much more, the smartphone far surpasses any concept presented in a cheesy 1960s sci-fi drama such as Star Trek. Their devices seem ancient, even in their 24th century context. I’m sure I’m incapable of imagining what we’ll have in our hands 20 years from today.

Hunter S. Thompson In An Apple Macintosh TV Commercial

Now this is odd. This seems very un-Hunter S. Thompson. But what do I know…

Siskel and Ebert Review Apple TV Commercials, 1986

EveryAppleAd includes a video of the two most famous movie critics of all time, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, reviewing Apple TV commercials from the mid-1980s. If only the two were alive today to review Apple ads from the time Steve Jobs returned in 1997 to today. The ads of the past 15 years put those early ads to shame.

Behind the Scenes of Apple’s ‘1.24.14’ Ad

Yesterday we posted the ‘1.24.14’ ad by Apple. Today comes the video about how that video was filmed. The director of the ad is Jake Scott, son of movie director Ridley Scott. And the video was shot in one day at 15 spots around the world.

Apple’s 1.24.14 Ad

As part of the Macintosh computer’s 30th anniversary, Apple has released another slick new ad. All video in the ad was shot on the same day from 15 different locations on 5 continents around the world. The ad’s director is Jake Scott, son of movie director Ridley Scott and director of Apple’s famed 1984 ad. Learn how the ad was made.