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Posts tagged ‘animation’

Window On The Future

This is a pretty cool and well thought out little French animation. Why the time window sees 1 minute and 10 seconds into the future seems like a bit of a random number to me. Why not November 12, 1955?

The History of Typography

I think people are either completely unaware or take for granted the rich and complex history that is typography, beginning with Johannes Gutenberg up to the present day. What used to be a very complex and expensive art form is now one that people can create relatively easy on their computer.


Not bad at all for a first time 3D project. And the premise is nicely thought out too for such a short 1:40 long video.

Disney’s Take On The Highway Of The Future, 1958

The animators at Disney in 1958 were clearly on drugs when creating this cartoon about the highway of the future. This Jetsons-like portrayal where everything becomes available at the push of a button, shows driverless cars containing the conveniences of home, jet and nuclear powered automobiles, tubed highways and the odd notion that improvements in technology would allow one for greater leisure time.

They obviously failed to take into account air travel (who would drive to Egypt in an underwater oceanic highway?!), massive increases in population, the environment and more. And their color coded highway routes seem awfully similar to Disneyland’s old color-coded ticket booklets.

An amusing take on the future in any case.

Thumb Tack Cartoons: A Girl Named Elastika

I have to say this is pretty darn cool stop-animation short. Made with thumbtacks, rubber bands, thumbtacks, paper and more, it’s very inventive and unusual at the same time. The movie is made by Guillaume Blanchet.