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Is Ballet A Sport?

I would think that if golf is considered a sport, ballet certainly is a sport considering that one has to be very fit in order to practice it.

54 Years Of Space Exploration In One Beautiful Chart


So far, the only countries to send probes to other planets and moons in our solar system has been the United States and Russia (Soviet Union) and more recently India. During that time, hundreds of probes have visited the far reaches of our solar system and on July 14, 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft will reach Pluto and move on to the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto’s orbit. To chart the history of planetary science, this fantastic visualization of all the space probe missions sent to planets and moons in our solar system was created by National Geographic. We have sent 72 probes to the moon, 38 to Mars, and probes to 8 of the “original” 9 planets, with New Horizons making that 9 next year.

More about the chart here.

Do It For Denmark!

While one of it’s zoos is killing off perfectly healthy animals, Denmark is asking for it’s citizens to have more sex in order to boost its diminishing population. With population numbers dropping in many western European countries such as France, Italy, Germany and others, promotions like this will most likely become more common in the coming years.

Remember The Great Pie Fight Of 1969

Deep in the bowels of the Internet Archive is this film about a pie fight ambush of the San Francisco Film Festival in 1969. The fight was to promote a fledgling film company as well as protest Hollywood’s grip on the movie distribution system, which they rightly felt stifled innovation and creativity. It’s interesting to see PDQ Bach involved here before he became famous.

Nine Month Pregnancy Time-Lapse

English singer-songwriter Tom Fletcher created this really wonderful little time-lapse video of his wife’s 9-month pregnancy. Even though it’s pretty easy to predict how the video will end, it still nearly brings a tear to me eye.