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Posts from the ‘Technology’ Category

Living Life With The Lag We Experience With Broadband

What if you had to live life with the same amount of time lag as we experience with our internet connections? The Swedish internet provider UME released a creative video showing how people might act if living such a life with the aid of Oculus Rift goggles.

Behold The Rubens’ Tube, Perhaps The World’s First Pyro Board

This is an awesome demo that displays sound wave patterns by way of fire. Add in some music and you have a true light show!

Using An iPhone

I never would have imagined 20 years ago owning a smartphone device as they are today. At that time it would have been something out of Star Trek. Not just making phone calls wherever you want, but all the additional tools apps make possible on an iPhone or Android, whether it’s playing music, games, using as a visual translator and so much more, the smartphone far surpasses any concept presented in a cheesy 1960s sci-fi drama such as Star Trek. Their devices seem ancient, even in their 24th century context. I’m sure I’m incapable of imagining what we’ll have in our hands 20 years from today.

Disney’s Take On The Highway Of The Future, 1958

The animators at Disney in 1958 were clearly on drugs when creating this cartoon about the highway of the future. This Jetsons-like portrayal where everything becomes available at the push of a button, shows driverless cars containing the conveniences of home, jet and nuclear powered automobiles, tubed highways and the odd notion that improvements in technology would allow one for greater leisure time.

They obviously failed to take into account air travel (who would drive to Egypt in an underwater oceanic highway?!), massive increases in population, the environment and more. And their color coded highway routes seem awfully similar to Disneyland’s old color-coded ticket booklets.

An amusing take on the future in any case.

Two Chatbots Arguing With Each Other

This is really great and real, apparently. The Cornell Creative Machines Lab put two chatboxes (computer programs designed to simulate real conversations between people and computer) together and waited to see what happens. After some polite greetings between the two, things turned either argumentative or philosophical, take your pick. A brilliant idea.