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Posts from the ‘Technology’ Category

Creating Your Own Image On Social Media

A sad yet intriguing little video on how some people present themselves to the world on social media. I’m sure this is true more often than people think.

The History Of Bell Telephone’s PicturePhone

Today we live in a world where video chat has become the norm, at least among a small portion of the population. But before the 1970s, the dream of video conferencing was considered a pipe dream that kept creeping up in TV shows like the Jetsons and movies like 2001. But before Skype and FaceTime, there was ATT&T’s PicturePhone that was developed at a cost of over $500 million and over a decade of preparation and research. The effort fell flat with a bloated monthly cost and well under 100 users nationally. When that number dwindled to 9 and finally zero, the system was taken out of service. It would take another 20 years before video conferencing found its way to desktop computers and digital mobile devices.

The Moon Landings Were Impossible To Fake

A pretty good presentation on how it was impossible to fake the Apollo moon landings. In short, it would be easier to go to the moon itself than create technology out of thin air to try and make it look real.

The Making Of Jurassic Park

Interesting film on the making of Jurassic Park and the special effects required to make the dinosaurs look as real as possible. Interesting to know that the movie almost made the dinosaurs stop-motion until a couple of dedicated special effects engineers pulled a few all-nighters.

Live Stream HD View Of Earth From The International Space Station

When I was in college, NASA TV was sometimes aired on the local access channel. When the Space Shuttle went up for a mission, the live camera outside the Shuttle was left on for viewers to watch late into the night. It was rather soothing to fall asleep with the TV on and the Earth just rolling by. Now with the Shuttle program retired, the torch has been passed to the International Space Station, only this time with HD cameras. Enjoy the view!