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Posts from the ‘Sports’ Category

One Hour Of San Diego Surfing In Two Minutes

Surfers in San Diego over the span of an hour combined into a two minute video. If you like this, then you’ll love to see 5 hours of airplanes landing┬áin 25 seconds.

The View From A Bike Race Sprint

This is kind of insane. It seems that one tiny slip-up could immediately result in a massive pileup of bikers. I’ll stick to watching it on TV, thank you very much.

Making Cricket Balls, 1956

The art of making cricket balls in 1956.

Base Jumping Off The Tallest Building In The World

It appears that they get a little too close to the ground for comfort, in my opinion. Do not try this at home!

Biker Kelly McGarry Does A Backflip Over A 72 Foot Canyon At The Red Bull Rampage 2013

This is absolutely insane. I’ve never understood why people want to engage in a sport where a single mistake can lead to pretty much certain death (e.g. free soloing). But all the power to them, I suppose. More after the jump.

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