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Posts from the ‘Photography’ Category

A New Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image

Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2014

NASA has released an update to the Hubble ultra deep field image, something they do around once every couple of years or so. The images are spectacular views into the deepest realms of space. While I find these images absolutely amazing, what will really knock our socks off is the ultra deep field images that will be taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, currently set for launch in October of 2018. Webb’s images will probably make Hubble’s images look puny in comparison.

1914 – 2014: One Hundred Years Time Lapse

I can never get enough of the blending of old historical photographs with the exact same spot in the present day. It shows the progress of a century in a single instance, which is difficult to explain in words.

Inside A Running Dishwasher

For the millions out there who have always wanted to know what it looks like inside a running dish washer, we finally have our answer. And now if someone would just place a GoPro camera inside a fridge so we have definitive proof that the light actually does indeed turn off when closing the fridge door.

Driving Through The Streets Of Pyongyang, North Korea

I think one of the last places in the world I would want to visit is North Korea, considering the government’s tendency to kidnap and imprison visitors when it suits their twisted needs. This GoPro video of a street tour of Pyongyang is enough for me to know what the capital city is like.

London Of 1924 & 2014 Mixed In A Single Video

One photography fad nowadays is to make composite photographs that blend past and present into a single photo. Never before have I seen the same concept applied to movie footage. Despite daily bombardments from Nazi planes during World War II, many areas of London have not changed all that much during the past 100 years, making it possible to blend a video from 1924 with videos from today. It’s really quite powerful.