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Posts from the ‘Nature’ Category

Time-lapse Footage Of Formation Of Supercell Storm

This is pretty stunning time-lapse footage of supercell storm formations taken by a team of storm chasers. The storm is from May 18, 2014 in Wright-Newcastle, Wyoming.


Not bad at all for a first time 3D project. And the premise is nicely thought out too for such a short 1:40 long video.

An Octopus Escapes From A Closed Jar

This is pretty amazing. I’m taking note to never lock an octopus inside a closed jar.

Newly Discovered Species Of Spider

The Tumbling Spider is one pretty badass spider.

The Rise And Fall Of Mountains Over Millions Of Years

This is a great little film about the effects of the elements on the rise and fall of mountains over a period of millions of years by such things as plate tectonics, wind, snow, earthquakes, humans, animals and more.