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Posts from the ‘Music’ Category

Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Perform Zeppelin

Robert Plant has been steadfast in his refusal to take part in any Led Zeppelin reunion tour, which he would stand to earn a hefty sum. But that doesn’t mean he won’t perform songs from his salad days. Here Plant and Alison Krauss perform Black Dog and, after the break, When The Levee Breaks. Great stuff.  Read more

Everything1017: How David Byrne & Brian Eno Make Music Together

Brian Eno is a record producer god, having worked closely with bands such as U2, Coldplay, The Talking Heads, Genesis, David Bowie and so much more. More recently he has tried to compose some of his own music and this great little documentary shows his partnership with David Byrne on that project together.

All Of Bach In One Place Online

In what sounds like a rather daunting project, the Netherlands Bach Society plans to put online a new recording of a work by Johann Sebastian Bach once every week. With an opus of 1,080 known composed works, that means the All Of Bach project will take just over 20 years to complete the project of putting up each and every work by Bach. Based on the works that are now currently online at the site, each work posted includes a high quality video performance of the work as well as video interviews with the performers and written descriptions. Sounds like a classical music historian’s dream project and I hope more music organizations embark on similar projects for other composers.

Behold The Rubens’ Tube, Perhaps The World’s First Pyro Board

This is an awesome demo that displays sound wave patterns by way of fire. Add in some music and you have a true light show!

Jimi Hendrix Playing ‘Hear My Train a Comin’ On 12-String Acoustic Guitar

I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen Jimi Hendrix play acoustic guitar before. Here Hendrix plays an acoustic version of his blues song Hear My Train a Comin’.