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Posts from the ‘Funny’ Category

Musicless Music Videos

Such a brilliant yet simple concept, taking the music out of music videos and replacing it with “real” sound effects.

The Commercial Grey Poupon Should Have Made

It was always easy to make fun of the original Grey Poupon commercials from the 1980s, but this is perhaps the commercial they should have made.

Inside A Running Dishwasher

For the millions out there who have always wanted to know what it looks like inside a running dish washer, we finally have our answer. And now if someone would just place a GoPro camera inside a fridge so we have definitive proof that the light actually does indeed turn off when closing the fridge door.

Fry and Laurie Reunited

A wonderful documentary on the lives and careers of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. My question is, if they had not met each other, would they have gone onto the stellar careers that both of them had? Or did it require the combination of minds to produce the comedy and art they created?

High-End Production Video To Sell Old Crappy Car

If you think your chances of selling an old crappy car from 1993 are pretty nil, perhaps creating a high-end production video to promote the sale of such a car will increase the odds a percentage or two.