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Posts from the ‘Food & Health’ Category

Afri-Cola Ad From 1968

Afri-Cola, a cola soft drink manufactured in Germany, released this bizarreĀ ad in 1968, which can produce an instant and genuine WTF from the viewer??! After living in Germany for 5 years, I can proudly say that I never once saw this drink anywhere. Let’s just say that Germans can have a rather odd sense of humor, to say the least.

1950’s LSD Experiment On A Los Angeles Artist

A Los Angeles artist by the name of William Malark took part in an experiment on LSD in the 1950s given by a Dr. Nicholas Bercel from UCLA. What ever became of Mr. Malark? Who knows…

Dance the Slurp, The Slurpee Closing In On 50 Years

Who knew there was a song devoted to the Slurpee? The 7-11 drink sells 7,290,000 gallons of the beverage every year and is now almost 50 years old although the drink goes back even further as its predecessor was the Icee.

Learn more about the slurpee here.

The History Of Popcorn

A nice little roundup from NPR. Tax payer dollars at work.

Breakfasts Around The World

An interesting mashup of common breakfasts around the world. When I visited Austrialia a long time ago, I was pretty horrified at the whole concept of vegemite. Probably the most salty condiment I’ve ever eaten, Australians slather this on to bread like we do here with peanut butter. I vowed never to eat it again. But perhaps one of the rites of passage to adulthood is to gain an appreciation for weird foods like vegemite, caviar, lutefisk and more. I recently had marmite, the British version of vegemite and found myself very much enjoying it on my morning toast.