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Posts from the ‘Design’ Category

An Animation Based On Massimo Vignelli’s 1972 Subway Diagram

In 1972, designer Massimo Vignelli created a new map of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Here is a nice little animated video of that map made by Alexander Chen.

Michael Bierut On The Creative Influence

Michael Bierut, a prodigy of designer Massimo Vignelli, talks about the design process and its influences.

The History of Typography

I think people are either completely unaware or take for granted the rich and complex history that is typography, beginning with Johannes Gutenberg up to the present day. What used to be a very complex and expensive art form is now one that people can create relatively easy on their computer.

The Making of Neon Signs

It’s pretty difficult to imagine downtown Hong Kong or Tokyo without neon lights. This is changing now with LED lights gradually replacing neon signs throughout these cities. And that transition also means a gradual decline and death of the trade of making those signs.

Designer Tom Dixon On His Design Background

Every designer is unique and the design and work that results from their life’s background and experiences affect that work. This is a nice little video on the English designer Tom Dixon, someone I had never heard of before seeing this video. I find it interesting that his experience taking apart motorcycles and shoddily putting them back together served as the inspiration for a particularly line of his design later on in life.