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Is Ballet A Sport?

I would think that if golf is considered a sport, ballet certainly is a sport considering that one has to be very fit in order to practice it.

David Letterman Talks Robin Williams

This is one of the more touching tributes to Robin Williams in the past week. The best tributes always come from those that knew him best and for a long time.

Giant Dick Stars In GOP Ad

Gawker (via BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski) found this ad for Gary Kiehne for Congress, which puts the latter front and center (back and center?). There’s no telling exactly what Kiehne and his fellow cowboys were talking about when the photo was snapped, but judging from the hand gestures, it’s safe to assume the topic of conversation was horse dicks.

Now who’s the dick here exactly? In depth coverage found over at Gawker.

Creating Your Own Image On Social Media

A sad yet intriguing little video on how some people present themselves to the world on social media. I’m sure this is true more often than people think.

Strangers Slapping Each Other

Taking a page from the strangers kissing video from a months ago, here is a group of strangers who are asked to slap each other.