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headphonesWhat is BrainLoadr?

The web is a gigantic blob of information. While one might think we are learning more because of the internet, we at BrainLoadr would argue that we are actually learning less. This is largely due to the good stuff getting buried in the deluge of crap and clutter that make up much of the web.¬†BrainLoadr’s goal is to clean things up and bring to you the little nuggets and gems of the internet that might otherwise get lost in the mix.¬†And of course, a human curated web is better than an algorithmic curated web.

BrainLoadr is not focused on any one particular topic and instead will show you the things that are interesting, unusual, educational, funny, inspiring, tragic, entertaining and anything that we feel will feed your mind with useful and interesting information to pass on to your family and friends.

Don’t waste your time, load your mind!

* We will NOT interrupt your experience by drowning you in ads and banners!